Eyes to See // John 9v1-12

Podcast Episode

Editor’s note:

This week, AJ kicked us off with an update on the building project. We’ve come very far, but have yet to reach the finish line. If you feel so inclined, please share either of the videos I’ve included at the bottom of this description with your community. The first is the video shown the day of the announcement. You can find that podcast at the following link: http://theophiluschurch.com/sermons/where-do-we-go-from-here/

The second video is available for those friends and family unfamiliar with Theophilus Church or AJ but would be willing to partner with us to see a thriving community center come to life on SE Foster. Please, would you help us reach our goal and see this dream fulfilled?

With these words, AJ finished his update. I think them important enough to include here: “But may we, church, always pursue Him above anything else. We pursue Jesus, no building. We pursue Jesus.”