Liturgy Instructions

As we continue to care for our neighbors and for one another by keeping our distance, we thought it would be helpful to provide a weekly liturgy that is more structured than the newsletter we’ve been sending out. Beginning Sunday, April 5th, we will post to our website weekly liturgies that are designed for you to do in your home. These liturgies follow the same pattern as our in-person gatherings:

  • The Gathering Prayer – a short written prayer meant to be read aloud.
  • The Worship Set – two or three songs chosen by our Worship Pastor Megan specifically for each week, please play them and sing along!
  • The Apostles Creed – a one-minute video with the words of the Apostles’ Creed on your screen being read aloud by Andy. Join him by standing and reciting alongside.
  • The Scripture – the text of lectionary passage for you to read aloud as you remain standing.
  • The Sermon – a short 10-12 minute video from one of our pastors or preachers reflecting on the scripture.
  • Silence & Prayer – take some time to listen to the Spirit and respond in prayer, however you feel led.
  • The Offering – a written update on our community’s generosity and an invitation for you to give.
  • The Benediction – a written charge to read aloud to close the liturgy. 

The word “liturgy” means “work of the people.” Instead of providing a product for you to passively consume, we are inviting you to participate in a weekly experience. By praying and singing and reading out loud, through sitting and standing and listening, we hope to engage you in the active act of worship. We may be physically separated during this time, but by participating in the same acts of worship each week, we are connected to one another through a common experience. 

We hope that this is simple and straightforward, but realize that there are some who might want additional ideas on how to modify or adapt this for their particular home environment. Here are a few ideas:

Link up with others @ 10AM on Sundays:

To participate in this Liturgy with others in the community, join a zoom chat at 10am:

  • Link to zoom chat: 

For families with littles:

  • Have your kiddos play their instruments along with the worship songs or dance around the living room. And since no one is watching, feel free to dance with them and model this type of physical worship.
  • As Andy recites the Creed,  pause the video and repeat after him as a family.
  • Reading the scripture- Find a version of the Bible that is very easy for the kids to follow along. A few good versions for kids are International Children Version, New Living Translation and the Message which are on for free or the Bible App. 
  • The Sermon- Here are a few tricks we use in kids’ church while telling the story to keep kids engaged.
    • Serve a snack
    • Have the kids draw a picture about what they are hearing


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