Our Leadership

Theophilus Staff

The staff of Theophilus exists to lead, serve and equip the Theophilus community to serve our greater Portland community. The structure they provide helps our church family function on a daily basis.

Rev. Cameron Marvin


Rev. Asena Kurkinen

Families Pastor

Theophilus Elders

Our Elders are the spiritual leaders of our church and provide the community with direction in our vision and mission. They help the staff with decision making and accountability. The elders are people of the highest character and are brimming with experience, wisdom and prayer.

Christy Thomas, Todd Hiestand, Bill Kieselhorst, Kathy Kieselhorst, Cameron Marvin

Theophilus Council

The Council provides financial guidance and leadership to our church. These tireless folks spend hours and hours managing, budgeting, and stewarding the money required to be an active and engaged group of people. Their work is often behind the scenes, but is so crucial to our community life.

Rachel Shubin, Matt Rogers, Bill Jastram, Desirae Ritz




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