Mission Statement

The Theophilus Garden Collective exists to provide opportunities for our community to learn, grow, and share food together with the purpose of creating a deeper relationship to one another and the land (creation) through caring for edible gardens around the city of Portland.


Our hope this season is to expand on what began last summer as an effort to get our community involved in their food system to promote a tangible vision of sharing. We envision community-led gardens throughout the city, enabling anyone who has land or space to grow herbs, fruits, or vegetables to be part of contributing to our TGC.

The Theophilus Garden Collective program is now led by a Garden Ministry Director (GMD) who will be involved in providing seeds, starts, resources, information, guidance, assistance, and direction for our TGC. If you don’t know where to start or how to garden, the GMD will be available to walk through the process with you from starting a garden all the way to harvest. We will also be starting a community life group centered around creation care and what it means to be stewards of our land. Additionally, we will have classes with a beginning curriculum for those interested in learning more about gardening and ecotheology.

During the summer and early fall months, Sundays will be an opportunity for anyone growing food to bring it to church and share with the church and the larger community. We will ask those who have been gifted seeds and starts to “feed their family and give generously to the church.” The hope is that any excess or additional vegetables will be given to a local food bank or food pantry.

Our long-term vision for the TGC is to equip a team of Garden Stewards with resources and knowledge to help plan and prepare for fall and spring plantings into summer harvests and winter preparations. Additionally, our vision includes land (½ to 1 acre) in which a production garden and food forest can contribute a reliable source of food as well as learning and outreach opportunities to the church and the larger community.

Join us as we deepen our relationship to creation and Creator.

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