The highschool and middle school kids have some exceptional adults who give their time, energy and sometimes even money to be there for them in this crazy life of following God in a wild world. How important for young women and men at this stage of life to have a mentoring friendship with a solid adult who is not their parent! Helping your middle or high schooler to make it to youth group regularly  is the only way these relationships can develop and be meaningful for the long haul. Before you know it a youth leader will be showing up for recitals, games, and performances.

Led by Aaron Kelsay, our Youth Pastor, the Theophilus Youth Group is developing and growing.

The high school and middle school kids meet together every Sunday during the 5pm gathering. They will start in the sanctuary with the adults for worship time, then meet up in youth room for bible study and friendships. They rejoin the adults for communion in the sanctuary at the end of the worship gathering.

The Youth of Theophilus serve our church well, by serving communion, cooking meals, setting up, tearing down and they clock just as many volunteer hours as a typical adult. They are fantastic people.

When a month has a 5th Sunday, the youth group kids serve the church by helping take of little ones in the grade school, preschool, and nursery rooms.

Throughout the year expect to hear about camps, movie nights, game nights, mystery nights, and Bible studies.

Contact: For any questions or for more information, contact Aaron Kelsay