Theophilus is special, just like every other church.

As a church, we’ve taken our time (years to be exact) to come to a place of confidence regarding who we are and who we feel called to be. During that journey, we’ve come to believe that our mission is to believe, embody, and bear the good news of Jesus in the city of Portland, Oregon.


We’ve identified four unique distinctives regarding how we do what we do. We are a Hopeful church, called to embody a systemic pathology of hopefulness, refusing to lose our sense of trust that God has something up his sleeve for every broken story in the world. In short, God doesn’t give up.

Theophilus is a Holy Spirit church, called to be people who live lives dripping the thick love of God’s presence through the Spirit of Jesus. Side note: we do not believe that one must be weird to live this life. Nor does it require lots of hairspray.

Theophilus is a Humble church. By that we mean we live in the freedom to boldly proclaim our certainties regarding God’s love and grace while holding loosely our questions and doubts. In other words, we’re comfortable with saying, “we don’t know” about a good many things.

Theophilus is a Hospitable church. By that we mean that we are called to make gracious room at our table for any wandering soul. Hospitality is by no means sanitary, but is by all means holy.


One must journey complexity to find simplicity. In an effort towards this kind of simplicity, Theophilus doesn’t do all that much. Our rhythm includes three things: Tents, Tables, and Tears. Tents are our public gatherings where we come together to pray, worship, celebrate Communion, and learn from the Scriptures on Sundays. Tables, what we call “Community Life Groups,” are smaller communities that eat together to build friendship, practice love, and embody hospitality throughout the week. Tears are our community’s local efforts at compassionate service where God is already at work such as practicing servant-hood, contributing to the life of our city, and seeking justice for the world.

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