About Theophilus Kids

During the 5pm gathering, Theophilus Kids Church sings songs together, listens to stories told in the “Godly Play” way, plays games, and makes friends.  Our wonderful adult leaders love the story of Jesus welcoming and blessing kids. Our favorite part is when he tells the disciples to let the children come to him, not to get in their way. It’s an honor and a privilege to be a Jesus-loving, Bible-teaching example to children on a weekly basis. 

What Our Time Together Looks Like

Check-in and playtime begins at 4:45. We have a nursery, a preschool room and grade school room. After 5pm, all the kids join together for worship songs, prayers and Bible verse study. Children play games while smaller groups of kids hear the special Bible story and wonder about it together. After that, kids and leaders walk to the sanctuary doors to be picked up by parents and join them for Communion with the rest of the church. Parents go to the nursery to pick up their babies. Finally, we all have dinner together.  

Coming for the First Time?

If you plan on coming for the first time, it’s best to come at 4:45pm so your kids can get a tour, meet the leaders and grow accustomed to the space before you leave.  

Kid’s Camp

Kid’s Day Camp usually takes place at the end of August, it is for all ages, and will last three days. It’s a great time for leaders and kids to learn together and deepen their relationships for the rest of the year.  

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