• 2018 Church Survey

    Preface: This is an all-church survey. A survey, or what the Bible calls a “census,” is not foreign to the narrative of Scripture. From time to time, it has proven helpful to take note of who, and where, God’s people are to better serve them and their context. To that end, the purpose of this survey is to help Theophilus care for its people, neighborhood, and God more intentionally and purposefully. In concert with this, this survey will help us communicate better with you. Be assured: you are not a number or a demographic. You are a person. Rest assured that this information will be used to serve you. As such, none of the information shared herein will be sold with outside organizations such as our governing denomination or WikiLeaks. Nor should this survey suggest you will be receiving a yearly birthday card. Many thanks in advance!
  • Answer the following from 1 (“uninterested”) to 10 (“insanely interested”):