Theophilus has six 12 x 26 plots at the Trinity Fellowship Community Garden right across the lawn of the church. Find the bamboo arbor on the left side and your in our space! 

Our garden is meant to mirror the three ethics of permaculture:

1) Earth Care. We will be using sustainable, organic practices. Gardening is a opportunity to extend heaven on earth and restore Eden. 

2) People Care. This will be a learning garden. This garden is meant to teach you and others the basics of growing, cultivating and harvesting. If you already have a green thumb, we encourage you to join our team and help teach. If you have never gardened before, please come out and learn how to grow your own, organic food for you and others around you! All are welcome. After you have gotten a tour, you are welcome to come and glean from the garden at any point of the week. The garden is for all. 

3) Fair Share. This will also be a ‘production garden’, or a garden that produces much! We will hopefully have more produce than we know what to do with and this is where we will be using the last ethic of permaculture to share our excess. This last ethic is the one I am really excited to see grow over the years as our mission and land evolves. For now, we will start with sharing our produce with the Refugee families we support and on Sunday’s to our church community. 

See Desirae Ritz ( if you ever want to join and share ideas. Find us on FB under “Theophilus Gardeners” to get updates for events and opportunities.