Youth Leadership

Aaron Kelsay, Pastor of Youth and Urban Mission, provides the general leadership for youth at Theophilus. However, instead of organizing a youth program around a specific Youth Pastor, we have formed a committed team of volunteers who share the responsibility of discipling, teaching, and leading our young people. As a church, Theophilus wants to help the youth create a space of belonging among their peers, while also including them in the larger community of the church.

What does Sunday look like for youth?

The High School gathering is at 4:00pm-5:00pm, before our main service, which is when we invite our youth to join the main gathering that goes from 5:00-6:15pm.  There is time of fellowship and building relationships, as well as teaching and discipleship around the scriptures.  We are currently reading through the Gospels as our foundation for spiritual, leadership, and relationship development with the high school students.

The Middle School gathering is every Sunday during the 5:00pm gathering.  The middle school students worship with the main gathering, and then are released to the youth room (usually about 25 minutes into service).  As with the high school gathering, the students will participate in relationship, leadership, and spiritual development through teaching of the scripture.

Serving the Larger Church Body

On a typical Sunday, you will see youth serving communion, helping prepare the community dinner, serving in the nursery, or generally participating in the larger body of the church.  The hope is that the youth gathering will be a starting place for youth to be part of the larger body of Christ.

Plans for the Year

Throughout the year, youth and families can look forward to:

– A week-long summer camp trip

– Weekend and outreach activities

– Mid-week events 

– Youth leaders showing up in their world (ie. Showing up at their choir recital, or their basketball tournament).  We want to care for the youth and families in our church by meeting them on their turf as well as inviting them into a supportive community!


For any questions or for more information, contact Aaron Kelsay